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URALKRAN company closely cooperates with the Federal service of ecological, technological and atomic inspectorate (Russian Technical inspectorate) and also with other authorities of certification that’s why our products have all necessary certificates and authorizations.

Nowadays certification is not just realization request of General Standards. The certification of goods and services serves its active promotion on the market it is the way of objective control of products quality its correspondence with established requests and also the safety requests for the environment, life, health. The presence of the certificate of correspondence given by the results of certification helps consumers in the optimal choice of products it is its guarantee of high quality it make import and export easier it raises its producer’s competitiveness.

In the whole civilized world for some decades the certification of system of quality management in the crane building and in other fields according to General Standards of Russia (GSR) ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008) is the conventional demonstration of stability of quality. It is best certificate that company strictly follows and realizes the requests determined by international standards. The certificate of correspondence of URALKRAN company ISO 9001 serves as principal criterion of selection for consumers when they choose the organization and the quality assurance of products and service.

The certificate of correspondence of system quality management

On the 26st of August 2013 “URALKRAN” company got the certificate of correspondence of system quality management. This certificate confirms that quality management system with regard to designing, production, delivery of building and materials-handling equipment corresponds to the requests General Standards of Russia (GSR) ISO 9001-2011 (ISO 9001:2008).

  • Лицензия на изготовление оборудования для ядерной установки и пункта хранения
  • Лицензия на право конструирования оборудования для ядерной установки и пункта хранения
  • Сертификат соответствия на краны козловые электрические типа КК грузоподъемностью до 100 тонн включительно.
  • Сертификат соответствия на краны мостовые электрические типа КМ.
  • Сертификат соответствия на краны электрические и их компоненты во взрывобезопасном исполнении.
  • Сертификат соответствия системы менеджмента качества
  • Сертификат на производство кранов мостовых двухбалочных электрических общего назначения грузоподъемностью до 125 тонн
  • Сертификат соответствия на тали канатные электрические грузоподъемностью до 100 тонн включительно
  • Сертификат соответствия на изготовление кранов мостовых электрических грузоподъемностью до 500 тонн (включительно)