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The history of formation and development of GC "URALKRAN"

The acquisition of production facilities:


development NXS"
acquisition Sukholozhskiy mechanical plant" ("VHC")
products – gantry cranes LT-62

Modernization of the production complex


create a wiring site in Chelyabinsk. Objective – development of own manufacture of control systems for cranes
closure requirements management systems at 100% of its capacity

The development of production capacity through new construction


the start of the plant construction project "VERTA", Korkino (Chelyabinsk region)
products – standard overhead cranes (single-girder and double-girder), hoists and components
production capacity is 13,500 sq m


running Crane Plant "VERTA"
the start of the plant construction project "Lukhovitsky Crane Plant", Lukhovitsy, Moscow region
products – bridge, gantry and tower cranes
production capacity is 9 000 sq. m


launch Lukhovitsky Crane Plant, Lukhovitsy (Moscow region).
the development of the production capabilities of new enterprises, the expansion of the product range manufactured cranes

The expansion of the product line


Production capacity of "URALKRAN": Sukhologhzskiy crane plant (Sverdlovsk region, city of Sukhoy Log), Crane Plant "VERTA" (Chelyabinsk region, Korkino), Lukhovitsky Crane Plant (Moscow region, Lukhovitsy).

Products: single girder overhead travelling cranes and overhead lifting capacity from 0.5 t; electric hoists (fixed, monorail trolley, dual rail trolley); double-girder cranes General purpose capacity from 5 to 500 tons; cranes jib; pre-engineered crane systems, gantry cranes, semigantry; special cranes: magnetic, grab, magnetic gripper, traverse, etc.; container cranes; gantry cranes; tower cranes; non-standard lifting equipment for specialized industries.