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How to successfully upgrade the load lifting equipment?

URALKRAN is proceeding with the final stage of upgrading the manufacturing equipment in one of the key shops of Russia’s leading metallurgical concern. As part of this modernization program, two bridge cranes with the capacity 30 and 5 tons, have been replaced, 14 units of equipment have been upgraded, which has allowed productivity to be increased, allowed energy efficiency to be raised, services expenses to be reduced.

Engineers and technicians of the company URALKRAN have been busy doing work to replace electric equipment, to convert the cranes to radio control, to replace the crane cabin, to install the control system based on frequency converters.

For more details, please contact the services sales department of URALKRAN GC +7(351) 211-31-05, ext. 421, +7(351) 211-31-06, ext. 867.

To place an order for crane to upgrade and makeover, please send your request to: murzomuratov@uralkran.ru