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Power Industry

Cranes for Power Industry

One of the core businesses of GC URALKRAN is design, manufacturing, erection and maintenance of load-lifting equipment for water, wind andcogeneration companies. Apart from that, we perform repair and upgrade of legacy systems.
Applications from enterprises for procurement of hydro-pneumatic equipment are accepted for the following types:

  • cranes with load-lifting capacity up to 1000 tons for the service of drop-inlet and hydroelectric dams;
  • service and shop load-lifting equipment with capacity from 1 to 80 tons;
  • gantry cranes for lifting HPP's head and tail races, thrash screens and performance of complementary works;
  • swing cantilever cranes and hoists for service operations in workshops and service activities;
  • electric hoists for wind turbines maintenance; 
  • bridge, column and wall swing cantilever cranes, electric hoists, employed during manufacturing and operation of wind turbines;
  • cranes in turbine hall, boilers, shops and for maintenance operations in thermal electric power stations;

Manufacturing process takes into account individual requirements of each enterprise, which are specified in the questionnaire.

For comprehensive information on crane selection that meets particular conditions of operation in your enterprise, please, contact the Chief of power industry cranes sales department, Valeriy Pyastolov : Tel./Fax: +7 (351) 211-31-05, +7 (351) 211-31-06, internal number 430, e-mail: pva@uralkran.ru