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tower cranes

Tower cranes of WTH and WTT series are designed for mechanization of construction and erection of residential, civil and industrial buildings and constructions.

Benefits of tower cranes of the GK "URALKRAN" production:

Modular design.
Configuration as requested by Customer.
Crane erection at minimum cost and time.
Modern and safe control system.

Tower cranes of GK "URALKRAN" are classified to the following types by design:

WTH cranes – head;
WTT cranes – flat top.

According to seismic resistance:

normal seismic resistance (up to 6 on MSK-64 scale included);
increase seismic resistance: 7, 8 and 9.

Benefits of flat top crane:

quick crane erection in confined urban space;
operation in construction sites with clearance constrains.

Benefits of tower head crane:

more simple control;
simple design of the boom.

Technical specifications WTH-160 WTH-200 WTT-160 WTT-200
Maximum loading capacity for tower cranes, tons 8 10  8 10
Maximum load moment, tm 160 200 160 200
Maximum lifting height, m 69 67 69 67
Maximum reach, m 66 60 60 60
Maximum loading capacity with maximum reach, m 1,7 2,0 1,8 2,35
Basic groups of the cranes' operating
mode acc. to ISO 4301/1-86
Climatic category Y(N), placement category –
1 acc. to GOST 15150
Travel speed, meters/minute 20
Crane operation wind region I–IV (depending on the
category of the crane)
Crane power supply 380V, frequency 50Hz
Operating temperature range from – 30 °С to + 40 °С

For enquiries on purchasing overhead tower cranes, please contact "URALKRAN"

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