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Таль электрическая канатная стационарная таль электрическая канатная передвижная
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The usage of torsion bar, mitigating engine shock loads, ensures improved reliability of the electric hoists.

Before assembling all the components of the electric hoist undergo detailed checkout. This measure provides for fast, easy and safe weight lifting.

GK "URALKRAN" electric hoists design features allow for:

electric hoists assemblage from modular interchangeable components;
move the loads along straight as well as curved rails;
install electric hoist on a single-rail or double-rail trolley with electric drive;
special design with two hoisting devices on a double-rail crane trolley (master and slave);
implement single or double travelling and lifting speed with soft start option;
operate in adverse climatic conditions;
implement wireless control;
support all of the standards of the control line source voltage;

add other engineering decisions into the project upon the customer's request.

All the products of GK "URALKRAN" supplied to the Russian market comply with the rules "ПБ 10-382-00" (GOST 22584; GOST 17494) and the Electrical installation code. On request, electric hoists complying with requirements of "НП-043-03" (for nuclear industry) are manufactured. Electric hoists manufactured by GK "URALKRAN" are furnished with the certificate and engineering documentation in Russian, certificates of conformance to RF regulations and permits for use in Russia.