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модернизация кранов мостовых, а также любого грузоподъемного оборудования

URALKRAN-SERVICE is one of subsidiaries of the Group of companies URALKRAN. Technological modernisation and maintenance of overhead traveling cranes are carried out with account to peculiarities of specific equipment and subsequent operation of the overhead traveling crane.

"URALKRAN" is ready to provide the following services:

Delivery of the equipment.
• Development of a project execution plan of  crane installation.
• Delivery of the crane from storage to the place of installation (on request).
• Installation of the crane.
• Commissioning.
• Training the basic principles of the crane.
• Providing control cargo crane test.
• Removing replaced crane.
• Project development and installation of crane current lead.
• Delivery of the set of crane current lead.
• Installation of the current lead.
• Connecting the current lead of the crane to the electrical network of the customer.
• Drafting of crane runway.
• Delivery of the set of crane runway.
• Installation of crane runway.
• Installation of buffer stops.

Re-equipment and modernization